Fall District Convention 2022

Pioneer's 2022 Fall Convention will be in Kalamazoo Oct. 14-15.


Radisson Plaza Hotel at Kalamazoo Center
100 W. Michigan Ave,
Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Convention Registration Form:

All Events Pass is $50.00 prior to October 2, 2022

Hotel Registration

Big Screen information here! Entries due no later than Oct. 10, 2022.

Updated COVID-19 Policy (updated Oct. 4, 2022)

For the 2022 Fall Convention, the Pioneer district will defer to the COVID policies of our host city, Kalamazoo. Attendees will not be required to show proof of vaccination nor proof of a negative COVID-19 Test done 72 hours prior to the event as we did in the spring.

The PIO Board recommends that attendees use their best judgment in regards to obtaining vaccinations and/or the use of masks. Those wishing to wear a mask are encouraged to do so. Anyone who believes they may have COVID-19 are encouraged to test before they come, or to simply not attend the 2022 Fall Convention in the best interests of all attendees.

Competition Details

Contest entry has concluded.


  • All quartet and chorus memberships must be paid up through contest to be eligible to compete.
  • All quartets must have the Standard or Premium membership. (Basic membership doesn’t allow you to compete.)

Contest Categories:


  • International Preliminary Chorus Contest: Each district sends a representative & BHS qualifying score for other choruses is 80)
  • Small Chorus Championship (new award, 12 – 20 members, including director)
  • We will have the Chorus Plateau Awards (minus Plateau 4) in the Spring.
  • Since we haven’t had choruses competing for a while, we will wait until Fall of ’23 to reinstate the Most Improved Chorus Award.
  • All chorus contests are open to all


  • International Senior Preliminary Quartet Contest (open to all)
  • District Quartet Championship (open to all, top five acknowledged)
  • District Men’s Quartet Plateau Award
  • District Women’s Quartet Plateau Award
  • District Mixed Quartet Plateau Award
  • District Novice Quartet Award (To be eligible, at least two members must have never sung in a BHS quartet contest)


Bell, Russell - ADM DIX

Eubank, Ron - ADM PIO

Carolan, Andrew - MUS ONT

Conover, Jeremy - SNG DIX

Keller, Kevin - MUS CSD

Patrick Brown - PER ONT

McEachern, David - PER ONT

Wisniewski, Ryan - SNG FWD

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