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Written by Pioneer District Board. Updated at 5/17/2024, 3:45:54 PM

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Pioneer District Growth Initiative Grant

The Pioneer District has funding available for singing communities within the Pioneer District that may be used for the purpose outlined in the
Pioneer District Growth Initiative. Individual Singing Communities are encouraged to submit applications for the Growth Initiative to the Pioneer Executive Committee at Each application can be funded up to $500.00 with only one growth initiative per singing community to be approved per round.

The funding for the Pioneer Growth Initiative has been set at $10,000 for 2024 and will be distributed in its entirety using the following schedule:

Round 1: applications will be accepted from 12/17/2023 through 05/01/2024 with funds released upon project approval. 

Round 2: applications will be accepted from 05/01/2024 through 08/31/2024 with funds released upon project approval.

Round 3: applications will be accepted from 09/01/2024 through 12/31/2024 with funds released upon project approval.

What the Growth Initiative Funds Can and Can Not be used for


  • Advertising district/membership events
  • Sending chapter leaders to BHS or BHS District leadership events
    (HU, Leadership Academy, etc.)
  • Sending prospective members to BHS youth events (HX)
  • Donating tickets to prospective members for PIO Chapter shows or PIO District events
  • Create or support growth events or programming aimed toward membership
  • Growth events, by definition, are board-approved
  • Bringing singing communities out to growth events or programming


  • Donations to HFI or BHS
  • Tickets to BHS International conventions and competitions
  • Paying membership fees for new members
  • Registrations and fees for existing members to district or BHS events.
  • Meeting costs for committee

Some examples of grant use:

  1. Planning an effective guest night
  2. The chapters offer voice lessons - Learn to Sing program BHS; Ready, Set, Sing program
  3. Planning a Harmony High: Send 4 pieces of music to the music teacher, rehearsal wherein each student sits with an experienced member of the chapter, presenting different genres
  4. AIC high school visits
  5. A joint concert with high school students,have young directors lead it.
  6. Mail/email campaign, carefully worded to stress that we’re not raiding their programs, to all high school and college choir directors, with follow-up calls.
  7. Invite all community, school, and church choirs to sing on your show.
  8. Create a campaign to target the age groups of parents of older children who are becoming empty nesters and now have time to engage in their own hobbies.
  9. Going mixed or adding mixed and/or women’s choruses under a chapter umbrella requires the tools to know how to do it, how to organize it, how to implement it, how to update/revoice music.
  10. Having a strong director makes a chorus more exciting, so building up our directors helps make that happen.

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