Stipend Initiative for College Singers

Written by Pioneer District. Updated at 6/13/2024, 4:41:16 PM


Pioneer District Stipend for College Singers

The Pioneer District has applied for and received funds for an initiative to entice college students with scholarship (stipend) money to join local chapters to provide additional singers, talent, and perhaps assistance to directors. The money to fund this project will come 50% from the grant, 25% from the District and 25% (or more) from the participating chapter. These stipend funds requested will be in denominations of $500 from the Pioneer District.

The procedure for qualifying for the grant and Pioneer District money will be to indicate how many participants a chapter would like to engage along with the name of the scholar, the name of the college, and the amount they wish to provide from the chapter.

Some examples of stipends to offer might include:

In summary, the Grant pool will provide stipend opportunities of $500 each. The Pioneer District is committed to providing $250 per chapter, up to $5,000 total, to match the chapter’s commitment. The Grant money and the District’s match would be paid to the recipient at the beginning of the semester, the chapter’s match would be paid at the end of the semester if the recipient’s commitments were satisfactorily met.

This program would work similarly to church choirs paying for accomplished singers to strengthen their sound, and, in this case, expose young singers to Barbershop with the hope that when they leave college, they will seek out a chapter to join in their home city.

Application can be made for the funds from the Grant pool and the District with form attached. Stipends will be awarded to chapters based on the following criteria:

  1. Provide as many chapters with a stipend as possible.
  2. Based on the need of the chapter for singers.
  3. Based on the quality of the applicant to fulfill the need for the chapter.



Q: Is this stipend open to all college students who can sing, or must they be pursuing a music career?

A: ANY student is eligible - if we have to "make choices" in the long run - music majors will probably get preference.

Q: Will these students be entering the chapter as musical leaders (section leaders, asst. directors), or just guys on the risers?

A: These students COULD serve as section leaders or help direct in some cases - but that is strictly up to the individual chapter and the students' abilities.

Q: Who will vet these candidates?

A: Chapters will be required to vet students themselves - they have money in the game as well. The chapter board will have to interview/voice test/etc. the students.

Q: How many stipends can my chapter get?

A: We are going to try and make sure every chapter that has applicants apply gets at least ONE stipend. If 21 chapters send in applicants - then every chapter gets one stipend. Chapters that submit more than one applicant will be reviewed and a determination will have to be made as to which chapters based on need will get 2. The goal will be to provide additional stipends to chapters that are struggling - IF there is enough money still in the district program. We are also encouraging chapters that have more than one applicant to dig into their own treasury and help provide stipend money - even if it may not be equal to the $1,000.00 District stipend.

Q: Will you be offering this stipend again in the future?

A: Our hope is that we can grow this program and, in the future, offer many more stipends with the help of grants, fundraisers, etc.


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